Program Features

1.Professional Language Classes
Cooperating with the Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, our teachers are experienced professionals, dedicated to Chinese Language instruction methodology.

2.Small Classes
All classes are small (6~10 students). The Center has English-speaking staff members, and counselors to provide information to students and help solve problems they may encounter in their daily lives.

3.University Campus
High-quality education environment located conveniently in the center of Taipei; study-aboard fun at National Taiwan Normal University.

4.Learning with Local Students
Meet new friends and be immersed in a Chinese-speaking environment.

5.Extracurricular Activities
Culture classes, culture excursions, city tours, field trips, Taiwan tours, experience in the culture and scenery of Taiwan.

Class size: 6~10 students in one class.

The placement test is held on the first day of the program. Students are placed into a suitable class based on their Chinese proficiency levels.