Course Description

Goals: Enhance Mandarin Language Proficiency and Increase Knowledge of Chinese Culture.

Language Courses


Beginner class focuses on pronunciation practice, basic conversation and sentence structure, including classroom phrases, greetings, titles of family relation, counting words, shopping vocabulary and phrases, and telling the time. The class is suitable for learners who have never studied Chinese before or who want to put what they learned in use right away.


Intermediate class focuses on communication skills in the context of real life situations, and develops students’ potential cognitive ability for expressing themselves in Chinese. Daily conversation topics are covered in the class, including dining, shopping, housing, transportation, entertainment, work, and illness. Class at the intermediate level concentrates on listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities, and is suitable for students who have basic knowledge of Chinese.


While the vocabulary and syntax students have learned before are enhanced, their abilities in understanding written texts and expressing their opinions about the texts during group discussions are further strengthened. Various types of texts are selected to be used in the class, suitable for students who wish to become fluent in Chinese.


Culture Courses
Culture classes will be given by local experts on topics such as calligraphy, Tai-chi, Taiwanese cuisine, traditional Chinese painting, Chinese macrame, Chinese medicine, Chinese yoyo, the game of Go, Chinese chess, Taiwanese aborigine culture, Beijing opera, Taiwanese, karate, Taiwanese dance, Chinese zither, Taiwanese tea ceremony, dough figurine sculpting, paper cutting, dragon and lion dance, name chop carving etc. Contents of culture courses are subject to change.

Leaning with Local Students
We will arrange a "Taiwan Buddy" to be the language partner and study-tour guide for
each student. Program students will interact with NTNU students, meet new friends
and be immersed in a Chinese-speaking environment.

Field Trip
A field trip is held once a week. Students will learn about the culture, art ,and society of Taiwan by visiting in person.

  • A nature tour in Wulai (paint balling, Wulai waterfalls, Atayal Tribe Museum, an old street tour, Wulai Hot Springs, etc.)
  • A tour of Yingge Ceramics (the old street of Yingge Ceramics, traditional Yingge housing, Yingge Museum, browsing and making your own ceramics, etc.)
  • A tour of Danshui’s past ( Mackey Hospital, Aletheia University, Fort San Domingo, Hong Shuling “Red Tree Mangrove”, Danshui old streets, sunset view at Danshui river, etc.)
  • A multicultural tour in Nanzhuang (Nanzhuang old streets, Lion’s Head Mountain, Xiangtian Lake, Museum of Sisiyat Culture, Hakka cuisine, etc.)
  • A leisure tour in Jinshan (Zhuming Gallery, Zongdu Fu Hot Springs Institute, Jinbao Li Old Street, Ama’s Secret Garden, etc.)
  • Visit to Taiwan enterprises—visit and internship at famous Taiwan enterprises.

Taiwan Tour
To give students a break and relax from their studies, we also organize a Taiwan tour for appreciating art, historical relics, and beautiful scenery in Taiwan. Tour fee is charged in addition to the tuition fee.