Admission Requirement:
18-year-old or above overseas students/non-students. Individual registration is only allowed for the Winter/Summer 3-week Courses held every March and August. Courses held other than those times are only available for group (15 participants or above) registration.

How to Register:
Please contact us; the program can be adjusted to meet the needs and interests of each group.

Tuition Fee


Approx. NT$20,000 (US$610)


Approx. NT$25,000 (US$750)


Approx. NT$30,000 (US$890)


Approx. NT$35,000 (US$1,040)


Approx. NT$40,000 (US$1,190)

Fee Structure
The tuition fee includes:
1. Language Courses and Cultural Courses. (Monday to Friday)
2. Teaching Materials for Language and Cultural Courses
3. Half-day Field Trip
4. Traveler insurance for the entire duration of the course (maximum accident
insurance coverage of one million NT dollars and maximum injury medical
coverage of one hundred thousand NT dollars )
5. Accommodation and meals are not included.
Above fee list is for each group with a minimum number of 15~20. Course contents,
hours, fees and activities can be customized to meet each group's specific needs.
Please contact us directly for further details.

Application Period
Applications for study tours must be received 8 weeks prior to the starting date.
However, applications for study tours during June to August must be received by the
end of March.

Registration Fee
NT$1000 (US$30)

Special Discount
1. For Applications received 3-months in advance, the application fee will be waived.
2. For every 15 students the cost of ONE group leader's language and culture classes is waved.
3. For every 21 students the cost of ONE STUDENT'S language and culture classes is waved.