Summer Course III

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
week1 09:10-12:10 10:00-12:00
Orientation &
Language Language Language Language Culture
14:00-16:00 13:00-15:00
Buddy Party Culture Excursion Culture Excursion Culture
week2 09:10-12:10 09:00-18:00
Language Language Language Language Language Excursion
Culture Excursion Excursion Excursion Buddy Party
week3 09:10-12:10 Free Time
Language Language Language Language Language
  14:00-16:00 14:30-16:00
Culture Culture Excursion Culture Buddy Party
Ceremony &

MTC may change the class timetable based on the availability of classrooms and feasibility of class schedule.

Course Introduction

Chinese Language Courses

  • 3 hours per day, 14 days.
  • Students are placed in classes suited to their level of Chinese ability determined by placement tests.
  • All classes are small (6~10 students), and designed to meet students’ specific needs, so as to enhance their knowledge of the language and culture as effectively as possible.

Cultural Courses

  • 11 kinds (14 times) of classes are organized during the three weeks. Students can choose 3 classes from the 10 kinds of classes.
  • Topics include Calligraphy, Chinese Yoyo, Chinese Kung-fu, Chinese painting, Chinese tea, Paper cut, Chinese macrame, etc.
  • All classes are hands-on, taught in Mandarin or English.

Cultural Excursions

  • 7 cultural excursions are organized during the three weeks.Students can choose 3 routes from the 5 routes.
  • The excursions aim to let students take a closer look at Taiwan, its life, its traditional architecture, history, religion, customs and aboriginal cultures, etc.
  • Routes include National Palace Museum, Shifen, Yingge, Shanshia, Tamsui, Jioufen, etc.

Buddy Party

  • 3 Buddy parties are organized during the three weeks.
  • Make friends with Taiwanese students, practice Chinese, understand Taiwanese culture and life.

Other Activities

  • Orientation
  • Placement
  • Farewell Banquet