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Apply on-line
  Apply on-line: Log into the online application portal during the application period (form 9:00am (GMT+8) on January 3rd, 2018.) After your on-line application is submitted, your application number will be shown on the screen. Please track your status on "Application Status" with your application number. This program only accepts on-line applications and space is limited. Please refer to FAQ
Receive the autoreply & Pay the tuition fee
  Receive the auto-reply and Pay the tuition fee: After your on-line application is submitted, an auto-reply mail will be sent to the email address submitted, please transfer the tuition within 7 days to the account listed in the auto-reply email.
Email your receipt
  Email your receipt: studymtc@deps.mtc.edu.tw. Be sure to indicate the application number, child's name and the program title―"Mandarin Summer Camp" in the email.
Application Completed
  Application completed: After MTC receives the emailed receipt and confirms the tuition has been wired into the account, a confirmation of application completion will be emailed to you as soon as possible. Please refer to FAQ for further details.


  1. All payments must be made by electronic bank transfers, not by ATM transfers. Please note that each bank will charge a handling fee for remittance, so please make sure to include the fee in the total amount.
  2. If you do not receive the auto-reply email within 24 hours after submission, please contact us to confirm reception of the application.
  3. Please do NOT transfer the fee before you receive the auto-reply email.
  4. Applications are NOT considered complete until all processes indicated in the auto-reply have been fulfilled. The application process, including wire payment and the receipt emailed to the MTC, should be completed by the deadline indicated in the auto-reply. If the processes have not been completed on time, the application is considered incomplete and the seat will be offered to another applicant.
  5. Be careful of possible scams. Please make sure the auto-reply email is sent from (studymtc@mtc.ntnu.edu.tw or studymtc@gmail.com ) and the beneficiary name of NTD account is"National Taiwan Normal University 401 account"or of USD account is "National Taiwan Normal University 402U account."
  6. Please make sure your children can attend the whole session before registering and paying.


Access the applications portal


                            (Available from 9:00AM, 3rd January 2018) 
For enquiries regarding the progress of applications please contact us.