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  First Day at Camp  

First day at Summer Camp is going to be overwhelming. Being in a different time zone, a foreign country, and even a new classroom is really something, isn’t it?  You are going to learn a (relatively) new language, meet new people, and eat foods that may be very different from your usual selection of choices. It can feel pretty scary. WE GET IT!

Just stay open-minded and get ready for all the adventures ahead. It will be the path to the best summer of your life. That’s a promise: )


★What to Bring (The essentials)
Student’s Passport (Bring it on Day 1. We need it for insurance), stationary and personal medication (if needed).

★Registration Information
1. Registration Dates:
First session: 8:40-9:20 a.m., June 17th 2024.
Second session: 8:40-9:20 a.m., July 15th 2024.
Third session: 8:40-9:20 a.m., August 5th 2024.

2. Registration Location:
Will be provided in the Information Package.

3. Schedule:




Placement Test & Campus Tour
Teacher Parent Meet-Up
Students: Lunch
Students: Courses and Activities

★Placement Test
Students are required to attend the placement test on Day 1. There will be a written test and an oral interview. We provide traditional as well as simplified versions of test papers. The oral interview will take 6-8 minutes per group. We believe the test result will help the teaching team to determine which level and class the student should be in.

★Where to pick students up
Will be provided in the Information Package.